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The following ideas may be useful when planning a lesson:

Map work: Ask the children to look for and record changes by comparing details shown on the maps, How has the town changed since Victorian times? What buildings have appeared or disappeared? What buildings have stayed the same? Ask them to describe what might have been seen, heard, smelt on the same 'walk' at different times in the past.

Questions about buildings: What does it look like? What is it made of? What is it used for now? Has it always been used for this? What was it used for in the past? What are the surroundings like? Why do you think it was built in this place? Encourage them to think about and discuss in talking partners the place as it might have been in the past.

Using pictorial/ photographic evidence: Challenge the children, working in pairs, to ask each other questions about each picture. Help them to ask open-ended questions, such as: What does it tell us about the area and people in the past? What has changed and what has stayed the same? Why might this be so? What can we tell about the people from the clothes they are wearing. Encourage the children to look closely at the details and compare them with a modern photograph. Ask pairs of children to look at different aspects, eg buildings, transport and roads, street furniture and people. Before and after, ask the children to think what was happening immediately before this picture was taken and then ask them to use their imagination to say what might have happened immediately after. This discussion could be extended to include a freeze frame or role play activity. Give out a picture of an object or document from the site associated with each building to a group and ask them to devise a story based on it which can be written or acted out.

Display ideas: Wall or table display, guide book, oral presentation, taped tour, power point presentation, digital video tour/guide.

Teacher Resources

Teaching Ideas:

A Walk Around Victorian Leamington Spa Trail Map
Bath Place
Oldest Cottages
Jephson Gardens
Hamilton Terrace
Town Hall
Regent Hotel
Teacher Resources
Royal Pump Rooms