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Nicholas Eiffler

What was life like for David?

Life was very difficult if you were poor in Tudor times. Prices were very high and it was sometimes difficult to find work.

The government was concerned about the number of poor people and passed some laws. The poor were grouped into 'deserving poor' and 'undeserving poor'.

The undeserving poor were people who officials thought were able to work but instead often begged for charity. If they were caught they could be whipped or imprisoned, or both. The deserving poor were those too old or sick to work, and these were the people who were helped. People in their own towns and parishes provided help for the deserving or punishment for the undeserving poor.

Was David "deserving" or "undeserving"?

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David Tedder
rich or poor?
rich or poor?
what kind of house would Nicholas live in?
what kind of house would David live in?
Nicholas's things?
David's things
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David's inventory
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