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Nicholas Eiffler

About the content

The individuals featured on this website were both real people, Nicholas Eiffler and David Tedder, who lived in Warwickshire in Tudor times.

The houses and objects featured are not those belonging to the individuals but have been chosen to give the children an idea of the style of property that they may have lived in.

The objects chosen for each individual have been informed by their inventory but also include other objects that a Tudor of that social class would have possessed.

Most of the Tudor artefact images are of original objects that can be found in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon. Where it has not been possible to use originals, objects' exact replicas have been used. This has been indicated on the images.

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David Tedder
rich or poor?
rich or poor?
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what kind of house would David live in?
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David's things
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David's inventory
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