Coventry 1841-

Steadily but painfully, Mary Ann and her father grew apart in their lives and ambitions. Mary Ann's loss of faith in the church caused him real anxiety.

When he died, Mary Ann needed success as well as learning so that she could pay her own way in life. In turn, success required real faith in herself, as few good jobs were open even to the brightest of women...

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"Alas dear love my heart is bleeding for my poor Father who is suffering badly as ever. We shall be at home again, all things continuing as they are, on Friday evening. Your letter was very precious to me & so are you ma mignonne. I shall soon have my hand in yours & read comfort in your kind face. This afternoon I am too sad to write more. It is a real anguish to see suffering that one cannot alleviate, & it requires some days to get calmness under trial."

close letter

("ma mignonne" means my dear)

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